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Can you say Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari,
Aston Martin, Porsche, Saleen S7, Lotus, Panoz, Corvette, Spyker

If you have what it takes to be classified as a
"Hot Motor Car Poster Model"
Then you are on the right web page!
We are seeking the crème' dele' crème',
Angels and Goddesses to be a part of what will be the hottest Posters
to ever hit any market in the United States or around the World.
We are also looking forward to shooting Posters for several years to come.
Therefore, if you or someone you know wants to be that fresh new face in
today's Modeling Industry OR if you are a PRO Model and are not signed
and you live in New York, California, Florida or Chicago.

Please contact us by eMail with up to 3 head shots and 5 full body
front and back shots of you in a bathing suit.
Nude or semi nude photos may be sent but will not be
used to judge your qualifications.
Please see our Specifications page

California, New York, Florida, Chicago, Tokyo, London, Brazil

We are currently seeking international woman who seek exposure that are
also driven by their intelligence and not just their looks.

First we need you to send us several photos of yourself in a bikini or glamour
nude for us to determine if you are eligible to come in for an interview /
audition / contract signing.

Once you come in to our office/ studio we will then shoot you in several types
of apparel including bathing suits, swimwear, evening-wear, night-gowns,
underwear, dresses, pants, shorts, shoes, hats and perhaps some ethnic designs.
This will help us to determine what type of vehicle to put you in front of and
what colors work with your skin tone type and help you create a nice addition
to your portfolio. If you are what we are looking for, we will then schedule
you for an onsite location shoot at one of the dealerships we work for.
After the final shoot at the said dealership, we will then conduct a vigorous
search for the best photos and produce a series of posters for world distribution.
Pay is based on net sales of any products with the Models likeness on it.
We are willing to pay the models 25% of net sales under our contract.
All models must sign a RELEASE FORM AND CONTRACT prior to shooting.
Models that fit our stringent qualifications will be asked to sign a 1- 5 year
contract with the intensions of working with us in the modeling industry
and starting their career.

Each model recruited to our company will receive a
FREE CD/DVD portfolio ready for print and an online webpage portfolio at
By the time each model receives their free portfolio the average production costs range into the thousands of dollars or more.
We here at Modeling Models are offering portfolios to perspective models for FREE.
All we want from you is a commitment to try and make $ Money $ through modeling with our company.
Our average photo shoot for new models will consist of about 10 to 50 photos in a variety of styles and clothing apparel.

We are currently seeking the following types of International female models.
Other types of models may also apply.
1. South American clean complexion, 5 ft. 3 to 9 inches 100 - 115 lbs.
2. Native American clean complexion, 5 ft. 3 to 9 inches 100 - 115 lbs.
3. Caucasian American clean complexion, 5 ft. 5 to 9 inches 100 - 115 lbs.
4. South African clean complexion, 5 ft. 1 to 9 inches 100 - 115 lbs.
5. Asian clean complexion, 5 ft. 1 to 7 inches 90 - 115 lbs.
6. European clean complexion, 5 ft. 1 to 9 inches 100 - 115 lbs
7. Other types of Models may include 5ft. to 6 ft tall and between 90 lbs. and 145 lbs.

If you fit any of OUR SPECIFICATIONS please contact us a.s.a.p.
If you are of a slightly different size and still feel you are worthy of being
a model or if you are new in the modeling industry and are looking for
a chance with our company then send us some information about yourself
to this link @ Modeling


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