This page was revised on February 21st, 2017
Southern California Auditions Begin April 1st, 2017

"PLEASE NOTE" Vehicles may or may not be present at auditions.

We know that every girl that submits her photos really wants to be in front of one of these high-line
and exotic cars. We also know that many of you are new to the modeling industry and even some
of you are pros. We have seen them all. Not everyone who comes in for an audition and signs a
contract with us will have the opportunity to pose in front of these vehicles.
The companies that we represent have the last call on who makes it and who gets endorsed.
Our job is to find girls and to please the market that is ever growing.
If any of you women never been to a model week in New York, you really don't know what
kind of competition is out their and what strides we have to take in order to find the right candidates.

As a new model to ModelingModels.com We are offering new models to our company a
photos are taken a free page on our site at www.ModelingModels.com and a chance to be
endorsed by a reputable world class automobile. Some of our posters have sold for
thousands of dollars. With a one year contract we promise to pay each of the models who
work for us a negotiated 25% of all net sales of any products we sell with their likeness on
it that we produce and we will also act as their agent and pay them 75% of all working jobs
that we acquire for them, less state and federal taxes.

Within 2 weeks of your initial photo shoot with our company we will then either ask you to
come back to our offices or meet somewhere acceptable to go over the photos we took of you
and start building an online portfolio for you and attempt to get you modeling jobs in the industry.

You must be 18 - 40 with verifiable ID.
Please send us up to 6 recent photos of yourself in the sexiest bathing suit, undergarments or
glamour nude.
Please also include 3 head shots for us to consider you.
Please only send jpg, gif, or bmp attachments, all other attachments will be deleted automatically.

"Please note"
We use only the finest technology in photo graphics and use ONLY NIKON or FUJI HD cameras
and we use both MAC and PC for edit.

So in other words please be aware of the cameras ability to take in the full you.
Every picture we take of you if it is in focus can be made into a billboard or poster.
All models must feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit G-string, Thong or posing
partially nude in front of a working crew or on stage or at a working event or be
broadcasted on television and or the internet.
All models must be prepared to work hard and be intelligent enough to get each job
done right the first time.

We are here to help you accelerate your modeling career!

All Models must be prompt for auditions, rehearsals and working jobs,
otherwise immediate dismissal and replacement may occur without notice.
We will tolerate a 30 minute grace period for your first audition and appointment
photoshoot with our photographer but if you completely miss your first
appointment we will never set up another appointment with you again.

To photograph a new model takes time and patience and can be very costly.

You must have two (2) forms of positive ID.
You must be between 5 foot 1 inch tall and no taller then 6 foot tall.
You must weigh no less then 90 lbs and no more then 145 lbs.
You must be a 34B cup, 34C cup firm or up to a 36D cup firm.
You Must have clean even toned complexion.
You must have a nice pedicure and manicure.
You must have nice smile and humble personality.
You must be willing to work hard or dance a lot.
No hairy armpits,
No hairy legs,
No stretch marks,
Bikini wax is desired but not always needed. Depending on the model.
No tattoos on face, head, neck or front of body. Other places on your body is negotiable.
We use Mac and PC for touch ups.

We use some of the best makeup artists and hair stylists and technicians at the
business photo shoots only.

Please send us an email list in the following order for us to better serve you.
Please put in the "subject bar" your name and date.

Please copy and paste "a - z1" in the body of your email you send to us

a. your full name?
b. your stage name?
c. your nationality?
d. your verifiable age?
e. your hips?
f. your waist?
g. your bust size?
h. your eye color?
i. your skin tone color?
j. any scars?
k. any marks?
l. any tattoos?
m. any piercing?
n. your dress size?
o. your swimsuit size?
p. your height?
q. your weight?
r. your hair color?
s. do you drive?
t. where do you live?
u. are you willing to sign a 1-3 or 5 year contract?
v. do you have a passport?
w. what type of work do you do now if you are employed?
x. would you feel comfortable wearing a G-string or Thong for your portfolio?
y. are you comfortable with your body?
z. what talents do you have?
z1.Please send us your phone number and best time to call.


We know that these qualifications and questions are a little bizarre but in order
for us to get what we want and not waste anyone's time,
we figured that we have to tell you what we want.

During your private audition and initial employment startup with our company
we will ask you to sign a 1 - 3 or 5 year contract and release form to ensure your
career in modeling with our company is a long and profitable one.

Your private FREE photo shoot may last 3 to 5 hours or more.
We may take over 300 pictures of you that day and this will help us to
determine what color and type of vehicle to put you in front of in our poster
and calendar series.
"This is also a great start for your new portfolio!"

At your 1st meeting with us we would like it if you came with several types of
the following clothing and apparel. This will also help us in the decision making
of whether or not to use you in our poster series or our online site. ModelingModels.com

Summer wear:
A minimum of 4 to 5 bathing suits,
2 or more lingerie selections,
Tons of shoes and or boots and slippers.
Your own makeup,
Your nails done,
2 or more dresses,
2 or more shorts,
2 or more skirts,
Tank tops,

Winter wear:
1 or more Hoodie,
1 or more hats,
1 or more sweat suits,
1 or more jacket selections,
1 or more pairs of Gloves,

If you have a certain ethnic variety or style of clothing you wish to pose in,
you may bring it as well.

When we say 2 or more we are really saying bring most of your closet because
we are not selling any types or lines of clothing,

We are selling you !!!



Please do not hesitate to respond to us.
- OR -
Please pass this ad to one of your friends that you might think is interested.

Our deal is to photograph beautiful women in front of their
vehicles and produce a poster series for world distribution.
We have all the time in the world to find the right candidates for these positions.
If you feel you are qualified to be one of our favorite models,
then maybe you too can become a:

"Famous Highline and Exotic Vehicle Poster Girl."

Please send a minimum of 3 head shots and 5 full body shots of yourself in a bathing suit or in glamour nude.


We are trying to run a clean business for the general public.

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